Wood Contouring Therapy

What is wood contouring therapy?

Wood Therapy is a body treatment that uses a variety of different shaped wood tools to
breakdown fat and cellulite while contouring the body. 100% Non-invasive and can treat
the abdomen, waist, thighs, arms, and torso.

How does wood therapy work?

The wooden tools are used to apply direct pressure to problem areas, to breakdown
pockets of stubborn fat resulting in elimination of fat through the lymphatic system and
reduction of cellulite.

Wood Therapy Benefits?

⦁  ​ Lymphatic drainage and elimination of adipose (fat) pockets
⦁    Gradual sculpting of adipose tissue to other areas to shape the body
⦁    Reduces cellulite
⦁    Tones and tightens the skin
⦁    Sculpts, tone and defines
⦁     Loosens tight muscles
⦁     Stimulates blood circulation

How many treatments of wood therapy are recommended?

2-3 wood therapy treatments per week for 4 weeks are recommended for best results. 
Adequate water intake before and after treatment are recommended as well as exercise
and a healthy diet for optimum results.