Permanent Makeup Services

Skin Solutions Studio provides beauty treatments that are  fully tailored to your specific needs in order to achieve the greatest possible results.

​Brazilian Stretchmark & Scar Camouflage


Brazilian stretch mark camouflage is a procedure that blends your discolored stretch marks into your natural skin tone, using a form of tattooing that last for 5+ years.


Scar camouflage is a process refined from a Brazilian technique of permanently concealing stretch marks, scars and other skin-related imperfections.

Lip Blush

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo that enhance the color and shape of your lips to give the impression of more fullness.


Saline Tattoo Removal

​Saline tattoo removal is a procedure that uses a saline solution to draw tattoo ink or pigment out of the skin. It can be used to lighten or fully remove tattoos


Inkless Scar Treatment

Inkless Scar Treatment is an alternative option to infusing ink into your skin. Our Scar Treatment is infused with 2% retinyl ester, vitamin C, vitamin E, Jojoba oil, and other natural ingredients. This treatment improves cell turnover resulting in improved appearance of old and new scars, stretch marks, acne scars and other areas of skin discoloration. We implant these natural oils into each stretch mark to produce a wound-healing reaction that encourages the skin to generate collagen, the most abundant protein in the human body.

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